UCO | Users Cooking Oil Service

EcoService Sarda is committed to providing a comprehensive and responsible service for the scheduled collection of used cooking oils and fats from kitchens of hotels, restaurants, canteens, and pizzerias. These used oils and fats are classified as “non-hazardous special waste to be sent for recovery” according to the law.

Our priority is to ensure the highest safety throughout the collection and treatment process.

Recycling Phase

The used vegetable oils collected through our service undergo a targeted treatment process. This treatment allows for the repurposing of oil waste, turning it into useful resources. For instance, we produce synthetic lubricants for chainsaws, thereby reducing the need to purchase new lubricants and contributing to sustainable resource management. Additionally, we create a release agent (demoulding oil) that can be used in concrete casting on formworks, improving efficiency and sustainability in the construction industry.

With EcoService Sarda, you not only help prevent environmental pollution but are also part of a recovery and recycling process that values used edible oils, turning them into useful resources for various industrial applications. Choose our service for the responsible management of used cooking oils and fats, help preserve the environment, and promote sustainability.

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