For 30 years, the philosophy of recovery and minimal environmental impact has meant that the Ecoservice Sarda offers its services to the artisan and industrial companies of Sardinia since at the dawn of environmental legislation.

Over the years the company has grown and the it guarantees a level of excellence to over 1,300 companies that rely on us every year for collection, transport, waste disposal and environmental consultancy services.

For us, waste management starts by raising awareness to our customers, and it concerns the phases of collection, transport and treatment.

This takes place in compliance with the hierarchy of: Prevention, Preparation for re-use, Recycling, Energy Recovery and Balances in our vision we render landfill disposal as residual as possible.

From the beginning, environmental awareness has grown considerably thanks to the addition of awareness campaigns. Since then companies have realized that waste is something that likes the phoenix can be reborn from its own ashes, finally making the transition from a linear economy to a circular more tangible.

“The land was not left to us by our fathers, but it was given to us by our children”

This ancient Indian proverb summarizes the philosophy of the company.


Among our main activities there are:

  • Consultancy on environmental regulations

  • Waste collection (Metals, Plastic, Wood, Glass etc.)

  • Waste storage

  • Waste disposal

  • Storage Plant: D9, D15

  • Treatment plant: R2, R9, R13

  • Used Cooking Oil (Production of lubricating oil for chainsaws and vegetable-based formwork release agent 98%)

  • WEEE

  • Slaughtering waste

    Via Nervi 38 - 09030 Elmas (CA)

    Phone: +39 070 945362

    Fax: +39 070 7336091